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Support for siblings


It can be hard when your brother or sister is really poorly

Perhaps you’re worried about what will happen to them or you miss your parents when they’re away from home? We can help you cope by providing information & support, and introducing you to other heart siblings if you want to talk and share your experiences. We also organise events and outings which are a nice distraction from all the hospital visits and the stress that illness can cause.

Sibling Support

We know that having a sibling with a heart condition can be difficult for children and young people to understand and cope with. We offer special support for siblings, including an annual Sibling Day gathering and guidance designed just for them.

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ECHO Teens

ECHO Teens provides a safe space to meet other heart teenagers and their siblings, where you can share your thoughts and experiences (if you want to) and make friends with other young people who know what you’re going through.

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