ECHO - Connecting the Children's Heart Community

Why we need you

Why we need you

ECHO provides a wide range of support services for children with heart conditions and their families. We need your help to carry on doing what we do.

Every ECHO family has a unique story, but they all know what it is to be touched by congenital or acquired heart disease. Our parents and young people tell us the only people who truly understand what they are going through are other heart families.

ECHO is a community of shared experience and understanding, and our families find great value in the support we offer.

For our members, there is no alternative to ECHO: the help we provide is not available via the NHS or any of the hospitals or agencies we work with.

We’re lucky to have excellent support from many ECHO members, as well as their friends and families, and to have developed partnerships with companies, trusts and philanthropists.

But for all the help we do provide, there are other services we don’t have the resources to run. There are waiting lists for existing services and children who aren’t getting as much support as we want to give them, because we cannot afford to.

We need your help to get them the support they need – it’s as simple as that.

Over the next five years we aim to increase our revenue, grow our team of volunteers, and motivate more and more people to support children with heart conditions and their families through our work.

We want the families of every newly diagnosed child or young person with a heart condition to be able to turn to ECHO for help when they need it.

We intend to make a big impact as a small charity, and we need your help doing it. Whether it’s by donatingfundraising or volunteering – we’d like to take you with us.

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