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Trusts and major givers

Trusts and major givers

The ECHO Community gives heartfelt thanks to our individual partners and Trusts & Foundations for their support and ongoing encouragement of our work.

Philanthropists and Trusts & Foundations have enabled us to continue to deliver our services in recent years, and we are enormously appreciative of this type of contribution.

Support us as a Trust or Foundation

We are keen to develop longstanding cooperative relationships, and are eager to provide you with the information and reporting you require as a Trust, Grant-maker or Foundation Partner.

Trusts and Foundations have helped us to deliver our bespoke cardiac antenatal classes, family events and direct support to families.

We are committed to providing regular reports on how donations and grants have been spent. We are also happy to invite you to visit our projects and meet with our stakeholders, enabling you to see the difference your award has made first-hand. We will also be proud to publically recognise your donations wherever possible, and for large grants there is always the potential to have projects, rooms, events and equipment named after your organisation.

Support us as a Major Giver

There are lots of ways it is possible to donate a major gift to ECHO, whether it is through sponsoring our cardiac family support service, bereavement programme, or by funding our echo teens programme.

Large gifts like these help us to plan long-term programmes, ensuring we can continue to support children and young people with heart conditions and their families in a variety of ways.

As a major giver you will receive regular updates on our work and the impact of your support. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with senior charity staff and clinicians and receive invitations to attend exclusive events within the CHD community. We will also seek to give public recognition of your contribution wherever possible. There is also the potential to have projects, rooms, events and equipment named after you.

If you are keen to make a big impact on the ECHO Community by donating a major gift we would love to speak with you. We can provide further information about specific projects or services that would directly benefit from your investment.

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