ECHO - Connecting the Children's Heart Community

ECHO 40 Years

Thanks to your support, we’re celebrating 40 years of being there for those with congenital, acquired, and inherited heart conditions and their families.

Read more about our plans for the year ahead, and how you can help to support us for the next 40 years and beyond!


From the day we started June 15th, 1983, we have been connecting the children’s heart community so for the next twelve months we invite you to #celebratewithecho and get involved in our community.

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Here’s what we’re doing, but please let us know if you have some of your own suggestions!

2023 15 Jun

ECHO 40th Heart Doodle Competition

Unleash your creativity and design a heart doodle, and you could win a FREE ECHOVERSARY tea towel! 40 designs will be picked and printed on a tea towel. All entries with a winning design will be sent one of these fabulous, limited edition ECHO Heart Doodle tea towels! These will then be launched in the ECHO shop in time for the end of year. You have until 15 August 2023 to get your entries in.

2023 15 Jun
2024 14 Jun

Join our ECHO 40th fundraiser appeal

To mark our 40th year we’re asking you to join our appeal to help us support even more heart families in times of need. Raise £40 and join our paper chain, or raise over £83, 1983 was the year we launched, and we’ll send you an ECHO pin badge.

We’ve got lots of tips and ideas to help you plan your own fundraising event or challenge to raise money for ECHO on our website.

2023 Jul

ECHO 40th History of ECHO film

Explore with us how ECHO is focused on bringing together parents of children with heart conditions, for emotional support through a shared understanding in our short film. We will also launch a new series of ECHO Case Studies, to support the wider community. Our video resources celebrate how proud we are to have helped thousands of families during our history and those who will need us in the future.

2023 1 Jul
2023 1 Dec

ECHO and King’s College London collaborative art project at Science Gallery London

Heartificial Intelligence is an immersive installation investigating the roles that technology and community each play in the healthcare journey of young heart patients. ECHO created the exhibit in collaboration with Triple Dot Makers and researchers at Wellcome/EPSRC Centre for Medical Engineering.

Led by a group of nine young members of ECHO Teens who have heart conditions and their siblings, they used projection mapping, audio, and sensors to create installations that will pulse in sync to the heartbeats of the visitors while a sound recording excerpt explores themes including trust towards artificial intelligence in healthcare.

You can visit this free exhibit between July and December with some planned opportunities to meet the designers and youth worker.
Science Gallery London from June – December 2023 to engage visitors with the ways in which artificial intelligence could impact heart care.